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ze pervy kappa

i pedo?

Omnii L Sama
21 April
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My name is Emma.
I am a Twenty year old and I'm from New Zealand.
I live with my best friend Hamish in a flat in Chch.
I'm Lesbian [Do not be fooled, I was once Bi Sexual..]
I am Single, Love is over rated. Not wanting it right now [Unless you are a feisty young lass with a personality which could suit my mega Ego then I'm sure I will give you a shot ;] haha..but seriously]
I am 7 weeks pregnant and off work for a while.

I am fond of alot of things, like Anime, Manga, Music, Games and alot of other things. I love Cosplaying. I do it all the time with a group in Chch called the CCC [Christchurch Cosplay Club]. We gather up in cosplay and do fun skits, Activities and other fun things. We also help each other with costumes.

I have the best bunch of friends from all around the world.
Living in different countries does not bother me any.
I am going to move around the world to see all my friends.
I might even be taking my unborn baby once they are born [Not to sure about the sex yet].

I love Role playing. I role play on msn, Gaiaonline and my own site I am making [Which is still under construction, When I have it set up I will let people know].

Well that is enough for me right now..
I will edit this more when I have more time.